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Work we’ve done

Foresight focuses strategy.
Why do it any other way?

Seriously, if strategy outlines your path to the future—and innovation is how you fulfill it—bringing foresight to focus that picture just makes sense.


This is the work we've been doing from the start. Industry best practices don’t get you there, nor do tech trend reports, or courageously going bold for its own sake. Instead, you need a grounded plan informed by the forces that are shaping our world — and your place in it.


That’s the power of Cecily’s proven, predictive process. Using her rigorous and proprietary Forces of Change model, she unearths core issues and cross-disciplinary insights that allow you to see the world through a new lens. This informed view of the future leads to “aha moments” that can guide strategy and sharpen positioning. The result is an articulated vision and a plan that move you from Known to New to Next.

As outlined in Think Like a Futurist we apply a set of frameworks and models in foresight-informed strategy consulting. But because it's also just good thinking, we've translated these principles and practices for the fluencies needed to move quickly and thoughtfully through the world today. This is the focus of development in Lead Like a Futurist.

Everyone’s got a future.
Here are some we helped build.


What is the future
of leadership?


Which energy options will be our best bets in a volatile environment?


How can we support 10 million new pets coming into homes in the next 5 years?


Can we democratize innovation in a way that's inclusive and scalable? 


Could we become family to the families we serve?


How do we inspire the support we need to lift those who need it most?
Cecily is one of the very few strategists who can go end-to-end. She has a unique and skillful way of conceiving new solutions and approaches to business challenges, and catching important issues that others fail to see. Cecily sees around the bend while simultaneously being aware of the important first step. She is collaborative, insightful and goes all in, which shows up in the rigor and integrity of the final outcomes.


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