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There is a calm at the center of the storm. It is you.

Learn to Lead
Like a Futurist.

Welcome to a program that trains leaders and teams to leverage disruption for good. Our curriculum of six leadership fluencies uses the context of business to cultivate dimensions of wisdom. In the process they learn to lead transformation from the inside out and foster a culture that is as adaptable as it is cohesive.

Those who lead like a futurist create the path to a human-first future.. 

We’re in a different time now. Because global systems are unstable—and the forecast calls for even more turbulence—we need to make stability an inside job. In this environment, a culture that is future-ready needs people who embody what it means to Lead Like a Futurist. 


This training is rooted in the meta-perspective that futurists hold. The ability to rise above disruptions helps us keep what really matters always in view, while tracking change before it surfaces. The result: a responsive style of leadership imbued with foresight, discernment, compassion, and wisdom.


Develop the other AI: Anticipatory Intelligence. 

Though making predictions is a fool’s game, change itself has a predictable nature. By learning how to detect what’s shifting in the forces below the surface, leaders can navigate urgent demands and emerging opportunities at the same time.

Use the forces of change to become one yourself.

After years of research and application, we've identified the six fluencies needed to Lead Like a Futurist. Programmed for virtual and in-person learning experiences, each of these leadership fluencies helps you and your organization thrive at the future's edge.

There are Six Fluencies for Leading Like a Futurist.

fluency (ˈfluːənsi)
“A body of knowledge studied and practiced such that it is hardwired in leadership traits.”


Gain mastery in the principles and practices of personal transformation and purpose so you can then lead the process for the organization.

Fluency 1: Reinvention

  • Listen to the signals of change from within 

  • Quickly dissolve drama with 4 Habits of Mind 

  • Use the 5 “Ahs” to grow self-awareness

  • Follow the thread of your life

Fluency 2: Purpose

  • Move into the truth of who you are

  • Identify what feeds your energy and expression

  • Use Purpose as a guide in transitions

  • Learn to lead and live a purposeful life

Use the power of foresight to anticipate opportunities, shape your vision, innovate for future relevance, and inspire excitement for change.


Fluency 3: Foresight

  • Understand the very nature of change

  • Follow the 4 Forces that shape society

  • Track what's relevant to your industry

  • Embed foresight in how you do business


Fluency 4: Innovation

  • Find Best Questions that unpack your problem

  • Score for customer needs and future conditions

  • Map territories of proprietary advantage

  • Develop a now-to-future innovation portfolio

Aligned to a future vision, you now bring others along with humility, courage to do the right thing, and a demonstrable commitment to we matter.


Fluency 5: Belonging

  • Instill listening skills for trust and collaboration

  • Increase speed of cooperation at scale

  • Align individual passions with collective purpose

  • Make the Gates of Belonging a cultural practice


Fluency 6: Wisdom

  • Seek understanding over answers

  • Balance short and long term interests

  • Be centered amid chaos, complexity, and change

  • Pursue wisdom as your highest goal

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“This experience was a revelation for both business and life, and I enjoyed how unapologetically the team strode into both.”
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