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Amount that levels of disruption increased from 2017 to 2022.

This is 50x greater than in the previous 5-year period, 2011-2016,

when disruption increased by only 4%.


More than ever, you need to Lead Like A Futurist


Let there be change.

The story of the next decades is one of complete reinvention.
In response, the challenge for humanity is to consciously and wisely adapt our ability to adapt.


For organizations and the people who lead them, this is nothing short of a mandate to engage in continuous reinvention not just as a business model, but a way of being. Companies that learn to thrive in disruption are the ones that achieve long-term resilience and growth. They understand the nature of change, can read its signals across complex systems, and use it to bring wisdom to bear on high-pressure situations.

And let us lead with wisdom.

The organizational capacity to thrive in a turbulent environment lies in its leaders. It’s a call to develop the greatest untapped potential in each of us: the wisdom to know what’s right to do even when there are no right answers

The combination of custom programs and personalized coaching creates a highly impactful process for each participant.

LLAF is designed for executive teams, high-potential leaders, and other high-impact positions. Through the course of the six fluencies, leaders learn to align inner and outer transformation in themselves, their teams, and the world.


Businesses that focus on the cultural aspect of change are 5x more likely to attain breakthrough performance than those that overlook it.


Create breakthrough performance with 
Six Fluencies of Leadership

REVISED_Fluency Model_on blue.png

See farther and think deeper to move faster
Lead Like A Futurist


Knowing how to read signals of change before it surfaces
turns potential threats into creative opportunities.

Through the tumult, you can hear the rhythm and rhyme of life that cannot be penetrated by algorithms, deadlines, or opinions.

With this shift in perspective, wisdom rises,
and uncertainty is not a threat.

You are ready and excited for what’s next.


Ready to be the calm in the storm?

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