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Become fluent
in the language of change.

Each fluency drives growth and development of a key leadership strength.


The progression of the Six Fluencies trains you to track the right signals, build responsiveness into your strategy and culture, and develop the courage to align the organization with where the future is headed.

  • Workshops are designed for cohorts of 12-24 people and are typically delivered across a team of senior leaders. 

  • The full curriculum can be delivered in a 1-year journey on-site (one day every two months + coaching ) or as a webinar series.

  • Our group work includes practices to share with larger teams and coaching for groups or individuals.

  • Sometimes a single fluency is the right dose, or a combination that's customized for you.

What's the right-sized LLAF program for your team?

Leading Self

Gain mastery in the principles and practices of personal transformation and purpose in yourself, so that you can lead the process in your organization.


Fluency 1


This Leadership Fluency presents guided learning experiences and exercises that develop reinvention as a skillful practice. Together we learn how to bring more of ourselves to life and more of life into the endless evolution of who we are becoming. Reinvention is the essence of Leading Like a Futurist and is the scaffold on which all subsequent fluencies are built.

  • Listen to the signals of change from within 

  • Dissolve drama with 4 Habits of Mind 

  • Use the 4 “Ahs” to grow self-awareness

  • Follow the thread of your life

Decades of studies report the positive effect of transformational leadership for the org. In particular, leaders who possess “a high internal change capability themselves significantly influence organizational performance, particularly in a complex environment.”  This is why the fluency of Reinvention is foundational for LLAF.

- Le TT, Le BP. Psychol Res Behav Manag. 2021


Fluency 2


The most important thing any of us can do is to commit to living, leading, and contributing from the unique gifts we carry.  This is purpose. And knowing, feeling, and following it is the core of strategy in both life and business.  We develop ways to recognize and articulate who you are, and then translate it back into your brand of leadership.

  • Move into the truth of who you are

  • Identify what feeds your energy and expression

  • Use Purpose as a guide in transitions

  • Learn to lead and live a purposeful life

Leaders who are guided by a clear purpose are more adept at leading through change and uncertainty. They provide a stable anchor for their teams, helping them navigate challenges effectively. Purpose-led leadership is also correlated with retaining and developing top talent, greater creativity and innovation, and enhanced trust and reputation in- and outside the organization. 

- A summary of studies in HBR, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Applied Psychology, Edelman Trust Barometer

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To Lead Like a Futurist is to lead transformational change from the inside out. Attending to areas of emergent growth helps us find our way when all other stationary guideposts are failing us. The pay-off is significant: we can manage the crazy urgencies heaped on our plate while staying true to a clear sense of what’s wise to do — even when the outcomes are murky. 

Want to bring Anticipatory Intelligence

to your organization?

The Lead Like a Futurist Experience

Seeking a community of transformational leaders?

“The program stands as a testament to Cecily and Chris's expertise in leadership development. From the meticulously crafted content to the insightful coaching and practical tools, their mastery shines through.”
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