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Coaching with Cecily

Sometimes the work of a lifetime can happen in one day. I call this a SuperDay.

A 6-month coaching program begins with a 6-hour SuperDay.

Based on the issues and questions from your intake, we apply a unique blend of principles from foresight and wisdom traditions to help you see, feel, and understand where you are from a higher perspective. The work connects practical outcomes and strategy, with an inner wisdom that tells you what matters and what’s needed. The depth of work done in a SuperDay session is a tremendous accelerator for the work that follows.

We then meet for a 1-hour coaching session every 2 weeks.
  • You will be given assignments that deepen awareness in your daily life, challenge limiting beliefs, and ground you in trust of self and process. 

  • Strategic feedback on practices and how thinking, behavior, and communications are serving your goals. 

  • We reflect on coherence between your inner and outer life. 

Our second SuperDay comes at the 3-month mark.

We are now able to cultivate even greater depth and expansion.


Again, we follow with 1-hour coaching every 2 weeks.

Phone calls and emails to touch base between our sessions are always welcome!

Has busyness overtaken what's important?

There is only one person at the center of your personal and professional lives—

this is the you I am coaching.

Whether it’s articulating a vision as you transition into (or out of) a senior role, creating an entirely new business, moving through a time of reinvention, a wish for greater alignment between your inner and outer lives, or simply a sense that greater peace and freedom is possible…  you are still at the center.  I will meet you there.

Are you on the cusp of transition?

Performance goes up once you drop all the shoulds and simply start moving from the truth of who you are.

As leaders we have to learn to get out of our own way. This does not mean that we sacrifice ourselves, it means that we learn to take full responsibility for how our inner life colors perception and performance. It’s what people describe as transformative: seeing the stories and expectations that drive us as the true imposters. We begin to recognize when power struggles, blame, and unworthiness creep in, clouding our judgment and relationships.

Developing that awareness in the context of your work and your life is what coaching with me is all about. With your goals in mind, we come to a clear view of what's in front of you—and within you—so you can move from a place of awareness, purpose, and ease.  This is the material that's behind executive presence, communication skills, thoughtful decision making, and meaningful connection with others. 

Are you shoulding yourself sick?

Executive Coach
Cecily Sommers

Known for being direct, warm, and wise, Cecily’s coaching is valued by people who recognize What I know has gotten me where I am, yet I sense there’s a way to live with even more freedom.

She has worked with executives moving into big roles, including CEO succession, VPs of large divisions, those forging an entirely new offering, charting a new CHRO’s path.  In each of these situations, Cecily’s business acumen has been an asset alongside her skillful leadership coaching.


But business is just the context for your development and, for many clients, it’s not the point at all. What is the point is the transition you’re making in life, career, or both. Though we wish to have an easy answer of what to do, Cecily’s coaching teaches you to trust yourself as you face an uncertain future, learning how to know what to do when you don’t know what to do.


Named one of the “Top 50 Female Futurists in the World,” Cecily is also the author of Think Like a Futurist, creator of the “Lead Like a Futurist” leadership development program, and a certified Transformational Coach. 

What does coaching look like for you?

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“My every interaction with Cecily has left me happier, more thoughtful and more energized. Without exception!”


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