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What energy options help us meet ever-increasing demand, & which long-term investments will be our best bets in a volatile environment?


Result: A roadmap to a sustainable future for an energy utility facing growing demand amid social, regulatory, geopolitical, & technological uncertainties

The Need

The incoming CEO of a large regional energy cooperative wants to set the vision for the next era. It’s clear that, to meet greater demand, more capacity must be built.  With power plants taking nearly 10 years and $14 billion to build, it’s critical to know which investments will pay off.  

What portfolio of energy options (gas, coal, wind, hydro, nuclear) will be most favored and what will the demand look like? 

The Work

Research went wide and deep on these three questions:

  1. What will be the balance between carbon-based fuel, renewable “green” sources, and the ultra-clean but distant capabilities of nanotechnology, hydrogen, nuclear, and fission?  And what are their likely development timelines?

  2. What geopolitical, economic, and regulatory factors are on the horizon, and which issues might direct governmental preferences for investment? 

  3. How will shifting social values and awareness around fuel resources and consumption drive the market?

The Outcome

The final roadmap to a clean energy horizon was adopted by the CEO and his board. In addition to long-term investments, they activated many of our recommendations, including creating a more consumer-oriented brand presence with educational tools for energy literacy, deeper connections to communities through philanthropy and local business partnerships, and strong leadership in renewables. 

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