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How do we become family to the families we serve?

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Result: Strategy for making the brand the preferred choice for money transfers in market stalls and shops around the world

The Need

As the third largest money transfer company in the world, this company wanted to prove itself more trustworthy than the standard brands. The founders were from Latin America and an empathetic “We know you” was what they hoped their customer and vendor partners would connect to in their brand. 

How do we become the obvious choice for agents and customers?  

The Work

Creating a niche in an industry that’s growing at a whopping 10% rate is not easy.  Fortunately, this company’s advantage was hiding in its origin story. We worked with the executive team to surface their differentiators, then operationalize them as a set of principles and practice to guide strategy and execution towards the company’s 5-year goals. 

The Outcome

People who "jump the border" to work in another country to support families at home undertake heroic acts of love.  This spirit lives in customers, in agents, and throughout the company; their mission was to create the bridge to resources and opportunity for all. Based on this brand position, our strategy detailed a 5-year plan with prioritized stages of development for organizational culture, sales training, unified technology platform and app development, new products and services, and marketing campaigns. “Cecily delivered an innovation experience for our executive team that bonded, focused, and energized our team in a way that has had a lasting impact, and helped shape a strategic framework for our organization that has stuck.”

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