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Why we’re here

“The future ain’t what it used to be.”


Today, we need everyone to lead

like a futurist.

Since 2000 we’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s most admired brands to create strategies and cultures that get them to the future faster. 


This efficiency comes from a powerful mix of brand strategy, foresight methods, and leadership consulting that positions purpose squarely at the center of your journey. Then together, we create solutions that help you answer Who am I now? and Where could/should I go next?


Until 2015 it was natural for a planning horizon to start with a 10-year view, then reverse engineer it to 5, 2, 1-year plans. By that time, the institutions, worldviews, economic systems and consumer behaviors that had been stable for many decades were cracking. Soon a 5-year view felt wobbly and, quickly, even 2 years felt irresponsible. Finally, when a global pandemic hit in 2020, the larger shift we’d been naming for a while was suddenly evident
to all.

Clients intuited this shift in 2015, and around that time several engaged us in Future of Leadership projects, asking “What do our leaders need to be effective in a time of unending change?” After more than 8 years developing the work that answers this question, we found that the work that's needed most was already in our hands.

We learned that the principles, perspectives, and practices of foresight, when focused on inner development, are exactly what leaders need to navigate a volatile environment, and are the antidote to the chaos and uncertainty we feel within and around us.

Where could/should you go next?

Cecily delivered an innovation experience for our executive team that bonded, focused, and energized our team in a way that has had a lasting impact, and helped shape a strategic framework for our organization that has stuck. Her energy is infectious, and her mastery in leading our team through thorny concerns inspired all of us. She is equal parts strategic thinker and guide, leadership coach and team champion, experience designer and eye-opener.


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