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Fluency 1: Reinvention

The webinar series

Mastering the art of Reinvention!
June 19-July 26, 2024

The Reinvention Webinar Series is hosted on the Maven Learning Platform.

From registration to hosted Zoom sessions, materials, and community conversations, we'll do it all there. 

By the end of this webinar series you will understand

  • How cycles of change can be read through history, in nature, and in our own lives.
  • How to leverage these cycles for greater ease and responsiveness.
  • How to ‘read’ complexity as a basic pattern of life.
  • How following the signals of change help us navigate transitional periods.
  • How to use a futurist’s meta-perspective to get unstuck and focus on what matters.
  • How to break the spell of perfectionism — finally!
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