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We are launching Lead Like A Futurist

with an invitation-only experience of 

Fluency 1: Reinvention

Knowing how to create the future you want to see in the world begins with understanding how it operates at a personal level. Reinvention is the essence of leading like a futurist, and is the scaffold on which all subsequent fluencies are built.

This program starts on January 12, 2024.
We hope you’ll join us!

All six Fluency programs will be launching in early 2024

The experience

This Leadership Fluency presents guided learning experiences and exercises that develop reinvention as a skillful practice. Together we learn how to bring more of ourselves to life, and more of life into the endless evolution of who we are becoming.

“Cecily and Chris orchestrated this journey with exceptional mastery, guiding me through the process that systematically peeled away layers, unveiling a depth of self-discovery.”


“Reinvention” equips you to:

  • Hinge between the 2 Axes of Awareness (Space) and Activation (Time).

  • Apply 4 Habits of Mind to step out of drama and dissolve conflict.

  • Identify what’s expiring in your life, what’s emerging, opening to ‘letting go’ and ‘letting come’ energies.

  • Use navigational tools for following ‘the thread of your life.’

  • Cultivate the unique reflective qualities for your be-ing.

  • Support and lead continuous reinvention in your organization, holding a deep understanding of its nature.

“The Six Fluencies of Leadership course has been transformative for me. In navigating the first Fluency, it made me delve deep within myself, fostering understanding, acknowledgment, acceptance, and the ability to course correct.”

Lead Like a Futurist Delivery Formats

One-Day Immersion
+ Three Weeks of Integration

The level of design and hospitality in this offering bonds the group and ensures delight
and trust in every moment. This offering is a good fit for client/team engagements. 


IMMERSION: In-person workshop. 


INTEGRATION: Two 1:1 coaching calls held before our final call


REUNION: A virtual (1-hour) group meeting celebrates ways in which the fluency is taking root in each person’s life. 



Initial assessment, personalized workbook, two coaching calls + 1-hour closing call three weeks later.

Virtual Workshop Series

Virtual workshops are suited to large and/or remote audiences. 


There are four weekly 2-hour workshops per Fluency. 


Initial assessment, downloadable workbook, and a coaching video that follow each 2-hour workshop. These videos guide participants in their personal work and/or in peer-coaching.

Series Options


A single Fluency

The full six-Fluency curriculum


A dyad from a chosen leadership pillar:
A. Leading Self
B. Leading Organizations
C. Leading Others


Reach out if you have any questions, if you’d like to explore a Fluency, or custom design an experience for your team.

“The program stands as a testament to Cecily and Chris's expertise in leadership development. From the meticulously crafted content to the insightful coaching and practical tools, their mastery shines through.”
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