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Post Assessment

Let’s reflect.

How has your training in Reinvention affected how you see yourself? One way to evaluate it is to see how you answer these same assessment questions on the other side of your experience. Even if your scores are similar to those at the beginning, you may reflect on it differently now; please share insights in the text field. We’ll send a copy to you!

Indicate your level of agreement to each statement
by clicking on the appropriate circle. 






1. I feel a need for a change in my life, but I am uncertain how to do it.
2. I feel calm and grounded, even in high-pressure, risky situations.
3. I can clearly articulate where I'm/we're headed in a way that inspires others.
4. I’m able to manage chaos without becoming chaotic on the inside.
5. I move from conflict to resolution with confidence.
6. Before taking action, I like to have a plan for what I’m doing next.
7. I am willing to follow the path to what’s next, even if it leads to an unexpected place.
8. I am comfortable with open-ended change, and trust my instincts to follow what’s right.
9. I can see and make good in anything.
10. I turn to curiosity whenever I feel my resistance rising.
11. I have an inner voice thats gives me courage when I’m afraid.
12. I am able to let things unfold over a long period of time.
13. I listen to inner whispers of wisdom to help me understand the situation at hand.
14. When faced with competing pressures, I can discern the wise way over the ‘right’ way forward.
15. I am able to identify what I need—to grow, to be healthy and grounded, and to find a path forward.
16. My inner and professional lives feel congruent.
17. I am more committed to who I am than what I accomplish.
18. I am influenced by external expectations more than I like.
19. People turn to me for guidance when the going gets tough.
20. What I know has gotten me where I am, yet I sense there's a way to live with even more freedom.

This post-experience assessment supports
the integration or what you've learned. 

Thank You!

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