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What's the future of leadership?

Result: A new model of development that equips leaders to live and thrive at the future’s edge


The Need

The executive Development team of a global tech enterprise had a hunch that current development models and methods weren’t preparing leaders to keep up with the pace of change.  As the most influential tech company, the responsibilities of their leaders were immense. 

It’s time for a new model and approach to developing leaders, and we believe we should be the ones to develop and carry that standard.

The Work

A question this broad, and with such specific needs need to be matched by research that similarly starts wide before it narrows.  (Note: a best practices approach, trend reports, or comparative studies of the industry leave you chasing your tail.  Real, original insight requires real, original research.)  Through interviews, expert panels, and foresight studies we presented a set of World Megatrends and Work Megatrends that gave us a picture of conditions leaders are likely to meet in 10 years. Filtered through organizational purpose, culture and values, we arrived at a new model and recommendations for leadership development to put the organization and its leaders on a path of mutual growth. 

The Outcome

The nature of leadership is changing, and leadership development is working hard to keep pace.  More than best practices, leaders need to become more self-aware and expand their behavior choices.  It begins with a new way of thinking. This philosophy and model launched a new school for leader development, a program that designs custom development journeys for the orgs most senior leaders, and a commitment to bringing this model of training and development to the public. We partnered with them every step of the way.

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