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Unlock Organization’s and Leader’s paths by learning to Think and Lead Like A Futurist.


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Since 2000 we've been helping some of the world’s biggest organizations to launch innovative initiatives, identified strategic acquisitions and partnerships, and articulate the vision needed to move the organization into the future. In other words, these organizations have learned to Think Like a Futurist.


It’s exciting and important work, but it’s not enough...

What we now know is that leaders need to embody a kind of wisdom that these times call for so that organizational change can truly be sustainable. In other words, leaders need to Lead Like a Futurist.


Cecily Sommers

One of the World's Top 50 Female Futurists
Thought leader, Keynote Speaker, author and acclaimed Business Futurist, helping you move from known to new to next.

There’s only one thing Cecily loves more than solving big, sticky innovation problems for some of the world’s great brands: coaching leaders to think, see, and lead like futurists themselves.

A leading business futurist, Cecily speaks, writes, and consults on the forces of change and the technologies shaping business and society, and how to turn them into catalysts for strategy.


Cecily doesn’t just talk about the future, she helps you understand what it means for you. She brings a powerful combination of art and science, complexity and clarity, and the long-view and the now-view to everything she does.

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Cecily’s ability to ask research questions and conduct interviews is like that of an elite athlete. From a technical perspective her questions stand out for being warm, human, and incredibly smart and thoughtful. I've listened to a lot of people ask questions and found her skill to be very, very impressive. It’s nice to see what a 10 out of 10 looks like!
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