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And so you begin.

As a self-assessment tool, this survey promotes the kind of awareness needed for conscious leadership. Each question is a prompt for you to consider qualities that support your growth. Resist over-thinking your answer and, instead, go with your first instinct.

Answer each of the follow questions by clicking on the appropriate circle. 






1. I feel a need for a change in my life, but I am uncertain how to do it.
2. I feel calm and grounded, even in high-pressure, risky situations.
3. I can clearly articulate where I'm/we're headed in a way that inspires others.
4. I’m able to manage chaos without becoming chaotic on the inside.
5. I move from conflict to resolution with confidence.
6. Before taking action, I like to have a plan for what I’m doing next.
7. I am willing to follow the path to what’s next, even if it leads to an unexpected place.
8. I am comfortable with open-ended change, and trust my instincts to follow what’s right.
9. I can see and make good in anything.
10. I turn to curiosity whenever I feel my resistance rising.
11. I have an inner voice thats gives me courage when I’m afraid.
12. I am able to let things unfold over a long period of time.
13. I listen to inner whispers of wisdom to help me understand the situation at hand.
14. When faced with competing pressures, I can discern the wise way over the ‘right’ way forward.
15. I am able to identify what I need—to grow, to be healthy and grounded, and to find a path forward.
16. My inner and professional lives feel congruent.
17. I am more committed to who I am than what I accomplish.
18. I am influenced by external expectations more than I like.
19. People turn to me for guidance when the going gets tough.
20. What I know has gotten me where I am, yet I sense there's a way to live with even more freedom.

You did it!
A copy of your assessment will be waiting for you at the workshop.

Thank You!

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