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Embodying the six core fluencies of leadership develops a superpower for navigating change.


Given the turbulence that characterizes our environment today—and the future too—this is a critical capability for leadership today.

fluency (ˈfluːənsi)
“A body of knowledge studied and practiced such that it is hardwired in leadership traits.”
Leaders who’ve become fluent in the language of change are primed for responsiveness.
Picking up the cues and signals that other miss, they get to the future faster.

The Lead Like a Futurist program trains leaders

on the six fluencies of leadership.


So what are the six fluencies?


Fluency 1

Knowing how to create the future you want to see in the world begins with understanding how it operates at a personal level. Transformation is the essence of leading like a futurist, and the scaffold on which all subsequent fluencies are built.


In the office: Transformational leaders have a human touch that inspires a culture of employee ownership, growth, and innovation. Trained in transformation, they provide calm, steady direction as they help the organization adapt and change.

Inside of yourself: Self-awareness is the key to leading an authentic life, one in which your values, relationships, and life choices feel aligned. As drama fades, you live with appreciation of the small wonders in everyday life, and a comfort with change and challenge as it arises.


Fluency 2

Purpose is the tip of the spear for any future we choose to create. When you're connected to your purpose you understand what matters and why, which allows you to truly influence others. It’s a critical tool for setting direction and for igniting passion. 


At work: TBD

In you: TBD


Fluency 3

With the fluencies of Transformation and Purpose established, we dig into studying the nature of foresight and how to track early signals of change that move through complex systems. We also learn how to work with people and organizations that are resistant to change.


At work: Foresight strengthens an organization's  competitive advantage. With leaders who are trained to see ahead of the curve, strategy gets smarter, innovation more focused, and teams more agile.

In you: TBD


Fluency 4

Even though the future doesn’t exist yet, we want to plant a flag in it.  By learning to explore, we learn how to innovate. This fluency unlocks opportunities by honing sharp questions that not only reveal what we don't see, but create the ideal compass for the future.


At work: Statistics (Gallup, HBR, etc.)

In you: TBD


Fluency 5

Cultivating belonging needs to be an intentional act in everything we do. Belonging amplifies intelligence and talent and when pointed toward a common goal, allows us to lead change on a large scale. This is the key to our collective success.


At work: Statistics (Gallup, HBR, etc.)

In you: TBD


Fluency 6

Now that we have become fluent in Transformation, Purpose, Foresight, Belonging, and Exploration, we can embody the ultimate fluency: Wisdom. This is where we truly learn to discern what is the right thing to do — even though there are no right answers.


At work: Statistics (Gallup, HBR, etc.)

In you: Tactical!


Details to come.







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