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Tools to help you 
Think, See, and

Lead Like a Futurist

The Futurist’s Way

Futurists Decode the Language of Change.
Now, you too can learn to speak 'Futurist' with

these simple frameworks.

How to think
like a futurist

Solving for X

There are as many paths to move from now to what’s next as are imaginable, but that doesn’t make any of them right for you. The task is to find the path that simultaneously solves for future conditions, customer needs, and organizational purpose—and delivers the highest value for all. Solving for X gets you there.

Download your free copy of Solving for X
to start thinking like a futurist now!

How to see
like a futurist

The Forces of Change

The basic question of strategy is “Which future should we choose and how do we get there?” Looking at the Four Forces will help you answer that by revealing the foundations of change. Once you understand the foundation, you can build a future that is all yours.

Download your free copy of The Forces of Change to start seeing like a futurist now!

How to lead
like a futurist

The Habits of Mind

While brilliant ideas and smart strategies can shape your future, the limiting factor is often the human element. By adopting a futurist's habits of mind, you can lead effectively in an ever-changing world.

Download your free copy of The Habits of Mind to start leading like a futurist now!

Want more guidance on using these tools?

Cecily delivered an innovation experience for our executive team that bonded, focused, and energized our team in a way that has had a lasting impact, and helped shape a strategic framework for our organization that has stuck. Her energy is infectious, and her mastery in leading our team through thorny concerns inspired all of us. She is equal parts strategic thinker and guide, leadership coach and team champion, experience designer and eye-opener.


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